Kenset Basenjis
"Where Quality Runs"

At Kenset, we have been developing our own line of Basenjis for over 50 years.  We have produced companion animals with stable and reliable
temperaments. They are capable of competing successfully in conformation,
obedience, lure coursing, scent trials, temperament tests and as gun dogs
in the field while being loving pets and companions in the home.

Kenset will have puppies on occasion and will give referrals to reputable breeders.  Our dogs are guaranteed for good health and temperament.

Kenset Genealogy - In The Beginning: A look at the basenjis that are behind
the Kenset line.

Kenset Genealogy - The Current Basenjis: A look at the basenjis that currently reside with Kenset Basenjis.

Kenset Genealogy - Extended Family: Kenset bred basenjis residing elsewhere.

Marty's Offspring  A look at Marty's Offspring

Puppies  Information on Kenset puppies

Links: Check out the links and their links to other sites for information
and interesting articles.

Reading Material: Check out books and interesting articles.

Bear in mind that Basenjis are like the old cigarette slogan, "We're not for
everyone; and we don't try to be." If you are interested in acquiring a Basenji, do your homework and be absolutely sure that you are suited to this unique breed. Talk to as many long time breeders as you can and visit the sites on the Links page for further information on the breed.

Puppies occasionally.

Mary Lou Kenworthy
Jasper, GA

This page was last updated on: February 23, 2016
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